Video release Nan Hauser in Germany

On the 7th of March a new documentary will be released on German television under the title:

“Frauen und Ozeane, Nan Hauser – Wege der Wale”

(Women and oceans, Nan Hauser – the way of the whales)

The documentary series portrays four intrepid scientists and activists who seek in the world’s oceans for ways to save these seas. In this episode: The American Nan Hauser explores the migration routes of humpback whales to spot refuges that can be designated as protected areas, so the survival of marine mammals is secured.
Nan Hauser lives in the Cook Islands in the Pacific. Her unstoppable mission is to protect the humpback whales. Fewer and fewer of the large marine mammals reach their safe refuge. Illegal whaling mainly of Soviet fishermen in the 50s and 60s destroyed entire whale populations. In two years alone 13,000 humpback whales were slaughtered. The scientist estimates that only a quarter of the original whale population has survived.
Nan Hauser tries to find out how the surviving animals find their migration routes and safe havens, for example around the Cook Islands, they need for mating, birth and rearing. A scientific inventory should help to turn these refuges into protected areas for whales. Neither money or worries about a life-threatening illness can hold Nan Hauser from her risky mission .